Welcome to the Albury Wodonga Theatre Company - Velveteen Rabbit Character Descriptions

Velveteen Rabbit – Female. Age 18-25. Solo, speaking and dancing required.

Right from the beginning, Velveteen lacks confidence and struggles to fit in with the other toys, because she is not as shiny and mechanical as some of her fellow toybox-dwellers. Velveteen is the “youngest” of the toys, emotionally, and everything is new to her. She runs the gamut of emotions: shy and uncertain, scared and sad, jubilantly happy; she loves Bonnie and Skin Horse and wants very much to be loved in return.

Bonnie – Female. Age 8-10 (stage age – older ages welcome to audition). Solo – Best Friends.  Speaking and movement required.

Very sweet and loving.

Nanny – Female. Age 50-60. solo, movement required.

Gruff but has a heart of gold. She really needs things to be tidy and “just so;”

Mother – Female. Age 30-40. Speaking, singing and movement required.

Typical loving and kind. When her child becomes ill, the Mother must be the emotional touchstone for the audience.

Father – Male. Age 30-40. Speaking, singing and movement required.

A youthful outlook and spring in his step; always looks for fun and happiness.

Doctor Fredrick – Male. Age 60-70. Speaking required.

Serious and matter-of-fact but not unkind.


Skin Horse – Male. Age 20-30. Duet –To be Real. Speaking and movement required.

The “oldest” of the toys; kind, wise and gentle; often plays mediator or parent to the other toys; good singer; good mover.

Toy Soldier – Male. Age 18-30. Speaking, singing and movement required.

Pompous; military bearing; orders the other toys around; a born leader and very sure of himself.

Wind Up Mouse – Female.  Age 18-30 Speaking, singing and movement.

A show off. Thinks she is very important.

Model Boat  – Female/Male. Bossy and snobby.

Block Head – Female/Male Age 18-30. Speaking, singing and movement  required.

Intellectual, and feels very qualified!

Magic Fairy – Female. Age 18-25. Speaking, singing and ballet or gymnastic ability is a plus.

A mystical character; helpful, joyful and sweet. On stage a lot, watching the action and controlling things with her wand when she needs to.

Teddy – Male. 18-50. Speaking, singing, Duet – To be Real. and movement required.

Encouraging and kind hearted. He tries to remain positive in all circumstances.

Lucy the Doll – Female. Age 18-25. Speaking, Duet – To be Real. Movement required. Lucy is happy with who she is. She is considerate and caring and knows how to love.

Spinning Top – Female/Male. 18-30. Speaking, singing, good mover or gymnastic ability is a plus.

Always spinning and moving, silly, funny and sometimes clumsy. She often bumps into the toys and apologises with giggles.

Show Songs:

The Velveteen Rabbit – Magic Fairy.

That’s What Christmas Means to Us – Mother, Father and Bonnie, Spinning Top, Model Boat, Block Head, Wind up Mouse, Soldier.

What Can You Do? All the Toys.

To Be Real – The Skin Horse, Lucy the Doll, Teddy.

Tidying Up! – Nanny.

Best Friends – Bonnie and Velveteen Rabbit.

Spring Is in The Air – Nursery Magic Fairy and wild rabbits.

The Rabbit Dance – Velveteen Rabbit and the wild rabbits.

To Be Real (Reprise) – Velveteen Rabbit.

I Give It All to You – Velveteen Rabbit.