Thank you for your interest in booking an audition for BYTESized Productions Aladdin JR.  Please make sure you have reviewed and can comply with the audition and rehearsal information.

If you are cast in the show, you will be expected to commit to the rehearsal schedule, and contribute to the production in other ways which will include publicity and marketing. BYTESized Productions and Albury Wodonga Theatre Company are committed to the health and well being of cast, production team, volunteers and employees of the Albury Entertainment Centre and all people involved in the show.  Aggressive, violent, or disrespectful behaviour to anyone either at rehearsals or via other forms of communication will not be tolerated and will result in people responsible being removed from the show and possible reporting to police.


Please note:

  • For our records, the audition may be filmed.
  • Any 18 year olds cast will need a current Working With Children Check.  Both Victorian and NSW is required.
  • If accepted into the cast, Cast members may also be asked to provide or purchase minimal costume items including shoes, stockings, and stage makeup.
  • This is an unpaid opportunity.

After you book your time slot, you will be taken to an online audition form. This needs to be completed online and the form will be emailed to you.  It needs to be printed and signed by the parent or guardian and brought to the audition.  By signing this form you are agreeing to a full commitment to the show, which includes the following:
1. I understand that if my audition is unsuccessful I must accept and respect the final decision of the production team. Any further discussion about the audition process must be made formally through the Secretary of the Albury Wodonga Theatre Company:
2. I will be available for rehearsals on the days and times scheduled by the Director.
3. I understand that if I fail to attend more than two rehearsals without approval from the production team my role in the production could be terminated.
4. I understand that I may be required to be available for Media Calls outside of rehearsals times.
5. I understand that I am part of a team and may be required to attend occasional working bees to assist the progress of the show.
6. I understand I may be asked to arrange aspects of my own costumes.
7. I understand that my commitment to the show is complete and the “show must go on”.
8. I understand that my costumes, makeup and hair designs will be determined by the respective production staff and I agree to abide by their artistic requirements.
9. I agree to pay the appropriate production fee ($60) to be a part of this production. As a production member, I am bound by the Rules of the Association (AWTCO). I have no claim against the assets of the Association.
10. I understand that punctuality to all rehearsals, events and performances will be expected.
11. I will be responsible for the condition of any items allocated to me as part of the production (e.g. Costumes). I will be responsible for paying the replacement cost for any lost and damaged items.

If you cannot comply with all these requirements, please discuss with the Producer prior to auditioning. 

All auditionees must book a standard group audition.  Auditions are 30 minutes, and up to 8 people may be in each group. 

PLEASE NOTE: after you book your audition, you will be sent a confirmation email.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDERS if you do not receive the email.  You will also be directed to an online audition form.  You only need to fill this out once, and you may bookmark the site and return at a later date if you don’t want to complete it now.

Please select your audition type (standard or dance) and a date from the Calendar to book your audition (February 27 or 28).  If the time slot is greyed out that time is unavailable.   If you are auditioning for a dance role, you also need to book a standard audition.